Orchids For A Wedding

There are only a few truly life changing events in anyone’s life, and one of them is getting married. The wedding is so important that it is almost imperative that everything associated with the wedding is as perfect as possible. Besides the background setting, the special clothing, and the ceremony itself, it is necessary to have the best flowers available to add their contribution.


Flowers are such objects of beauty that their presence at a wedding could be considered to be indispensable. Choosing flowers for a wedding is usually based on the flowers’ symbolism as well as their appearance and fragrance. Love is usually represented by roses, while daisies bring innocence to mind. As befits such an exotic and lovely group of flowers, orchids are the symbol of beauty.

It is said that all brides are beautiful on their wedding day, and the bouquet carried by the bride should reflect that – both her physical beauty and the beauty of her inner being. And what could do this more effectively than a bouquet composed of orchids. White will be the color most often chosen for the bride’s bouquet, perhaps with the addition of a lightly colored bloom for dramatic accent. As many orchids are delicately scented, a bouquet of orchids will delight the nose as well as the eye. When she throws the bouquet to the bridesmaids before leaving, what a fabulous keepsake an orchid bouquet will make for the lucky girl who catches it.

Corsages for the bridesmaids and for the mothers of the bride and groom will also add to the beauty of the wedding ceremony. These can be chosen to match the bride’s bouquet or can reflect the color of the individual outfits.

After the wedding ceremony, it is customary for the entire party to enjoy a meal together. For such a special occasion, the table must look as elegant as possible. Besides the choice of table settings, the floral centerpieces help to complete the arrangement and make a lasting memory for all concerned to treasure.

Orchids will be an excellent choice for these centerpieces on the tables. The color chosen can echo those of the bridal bouquet or can simply be chosen for their beauty. Besides the loveliness the orchids will provide to the table settings, the blooms are actually quite sturdy and will be able to stand up to hours of hot weather. Orchid petals are somewhat waxy, so they resist dessication, and will make sure that the centerpieces will not wilt. Orchids also lend themselves to imaginative centerpieces because of their great variety of form and color.

Because commercially grown orchids are always available, orchids for a wedding can be purchased throughout the year. Greenhouse growers ensure that these beautiful flowers are there when needed, and in whatever quantities desired. While it is true that orchids are expensive, a wedding will generally occur only once in a person’s lifetime. Creating memories and making the wedding day special can definitely be assisted by the addition of orchids to the wedding.

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